Regional Organization for the Protection
of the Marine Environment


First Meeting of the ROPME-EBM Working Group on the Development
of the Regional EBM Strategy 

Tokyo, Japan 15-16 October 2016

Provisional List of Documents

Working Documents

ROPME/WD/EBM-WG1-1       Provisional Programme (updated)

ROPME/WD/EBM-WG1-2       Discussion paper on regional priority issues

ROPME/WD/EBM-WG1-3       Recommendations of Workshop on "Toward the Development of a 
                                        Regional EBM Strategy for ROPME Sea Area"

Information Documents

ROPME/ID/EBM-WG1-1       Information Note for Participants 

ROPME/ID/EBM-WG1-2       Provisional List of Participants

ROPME/ID/EBM-WG1-3       Provisional List of Documents

ROPME/ID/EBM-WG1-5       Ecosystem Approach for Regional Seas

Environment Day of the Region Celebration April 24, 2022

Environment Day of the Region Booklet 2021

The Headquarters of ROPME has moved to a new location in Sulabikhat since 7 October 2018. New telephone numbers: 22093939 22090021 24864226

ROPME-JICA Workshop on Coastal Habitat Conservation & Rehab in RSA | 16-17 Sep 2019

Meeting of the Regional Task Force on Eutrophication and HABs, 16-18 Jan. 2018, Muscat, Oman

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