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Contaminant Screening

Faecal Sterols

  • Survey of 1994 identified sewage contamination, only at Shuwaikh Bay in Kuwait and to lesser extent at Jasra (Bahrain). 
  • Sediments from Iran, Oman and Qatar (1997) and from SA in 1998 didn’t indicate significant domestic pollution ( Corpostanol < 100 ng/g
  • During 2000-01 survey , levels of Sterols, as Corpostanol, kept their low levels in sediments from UAE, Qatar and Oman with relatively higher conc. (around 200 ng/g) in one site in each country
Examples of Obtained Results:

Trend of Sterols Concentration (µg/g) in Sediments in Qatar

Levels and Trend of Country Mean Conc. of Coprostanol in Sediment of RSA

The obtained results and observations of the Contaminant Screening Activities during the two decades (1994-2005) have been recently discussed in detail and assessed during a Regional Technical Experts Meeting, held in State of Kuwait during October 2009.

The first objectives of the Meeting were to identify the needs and priorities for the future contaminants’ screening activities for the Region and integrate the efforts with the following relevant ongoing and/or planned ROPME Monitoring Programmes:

  • Assessment of Organotin Contaminants in the RSA
  • Reconstruction of Pollution History in the RSA
  • Regional Mussel Watch Programme
  • Assessment of Marine Radioactivity in the RSA

Another objective of the Meeting was also to establish a mechanism for harmonization of ongoing National Monitoring Programmes with the National and Regional Contaminants Monitoring Objectives and a liaison with relevant International Programmes. The Technical Meeting recommended to update the ROPME Reference Contaminants List with additional contaminants of recent environmental concern in the Region and to continue the Regional Contaminant Screening Programme with a preferred frequency of 5 years in collaboration with ROPME Member States and MEL/IAEA.

In order to strengthen self dependence for Contaminants Screening in the Region. The Regional Experts in the Meeting found necessary to develop Regional Reference Laboratories that provide standards, guidance, training and a dependable analytical facility to the Member States. Regarding monitoring of contaminants in marine environment in the RSA .In response to this important need, ROPME is planning to designate 3 Regional Reference Laboratories for the following main categories of contaminants:

• Organic contaminants
• Inorganic contaminants
• Marine Radiation

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