Regional Organization for the Protection
of the Marine Environment
ROPME Organizational Structure

In accordance with Article XVI of the Convention, the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME) consist of three organs i.e. the Council, the Secretariat and the Judicial Commission (see Organizational Chart).

Council is consisted of the Contracting States' Representatives at Ministerial level (Bahrain, I.R.Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates).

ROPME is governed by the Council decisions concerning the administrative affairs and implementation of programmes of the organization.

The Council holds ordinary meetings biennially and is assisted by an Executive Committee responsible for carrying out the function of the Council during the period between the Council meetings. Extraordinary meetings of the Council shall be held upon the request of at least one Contracting State, or upon the request of the Executive Secretary endorsed by at least two Contracting States. 

The Chairmanship of the Council shall be given to each Contracting State in turn in alphabetical order of the names of the States in the English language.

In addition, by decisions of the First and Second Meetings of the Council (April 1981/November 1982) the Council established an Executive Committee consisting of the Council Members of Bahrain, I.R. Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia as Members and the Executive Secretary of ROPME, as the Chairman, with the objective of carrying out the functions of the Council during the period between the Council Meetings.

ROPME Secretariat is comprised of an Executive Secretary, Co-ordinator, Officers and other necessary personnel to perform, inter alia, the following functions:

  1. carry out the assignments under the Convention and its Protocols
  2. convene meetings of the Council and its subsidiary bodies, legal/technical expert meetings and ad hoc working groups
  3. transmit to Contracting States, notifications, reports and other information
  4. consult with the Contracting States on questions relating to the Convention and its Protocols
  5. prepare reports on matters relating to the Convention and to the administration of the Organization

Judicial Commission
As per the decision of the Executive Committee (March 1989), the Judicial Commission was established composed of six nationals of ROPME Member States (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), who are highly qualified and experienced in international law and juridical matters. The Members are appointed on ad hoc basis for a period of five years. The Statutes of the 

Judicial Commission stated clearly the functions of the Judicial Commission as follows:
  1. jurisdiction to settle disputes between the Contracting States, inter alia, concerning:
  • the interpretation or application of the Convention or any of its Protocol;
  • the general obligations provided for under Article III of the Convention;
  • the fulfillment of the obligations provided for under the Action Plan;
  • the measures provided for protection of marine environment and combating pollution in the Convention and its Protocols.
  1. jurisdiction in disputes relating to the determination of civil liability and compensation for damage resulting from pollution of the marine environment.
  2. jurisdiction to give an advisory opinion in all legal questions at the request of the Council concerning:
  • the interpretation of a treaty on the protection of the marine environment from pollution;
  • application of rules of international Law relating to prevention, abatement and combating of marine pollution;
  • the existence and extent of liability of any fact which, if established, would constitute a breach of an
  • international obligation concerning the protection of marine environment;
  • the interpretation of rules and procedures of the Organization;
  • and any other matter referred to it by the Council.

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